Spartan HUD - Next Generation Heads Up Display


Functional and Affordable Augmented Reality Helmet for your Business

Spartan HUD is an Augmented Reality Helmet powered by a full desktop computer. It is designed to let you use many existing useful software packages while developing custom applications suited for your need. From simple teamview and team communication, to heads-up instruction schematics, to advanced image processing - Spartan HUD has something for you.

Powerful Features for your Applications.

All Your Favorite Software and More

Spartan HUD runs a modern Windows operating system inside your Field of View, accessible while you look through the HUD.

Schematic and Blueprint Viewing

Pull up the important information you need, where ever you are, whenver you need it. Increase flexibility and productivity.

Full Video Recording and Sharing

Record, upload, and share your first-person with the Spartan HUD. Wide FoV Augmented Front Camera, plus mounted Rear Camera.

Augmented Reality Development

Spartan HUD provides amazing and unique development opportunities for gaming, workplace productivity, and more.

Powerful Computing and Portability

With all the essentials of a full desktop computer, Spartan HUD can not only be worn, but taken off and plugged into any monitor.

Team Coordination and Communication

Online voice communication and first-person screen sharing with your team, so you can work together more effectively than ever.

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Technical Specifications

  • Wide Angle 90-170 deg Field-of-View Front Camera (120 default)
  • High Definition LCD Internal Display
  • CPU: Quad-Core Intel Atom x5-Z8350
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro Edition(64-bit)
  • Software API: Open Source Spartan HUD Developer API
  • CPU: Intel Cherry Trail Z8350
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3L
  • Storage: 64GB eMMC
  • Expand Memory: SD Card (Supports 128GB)
  • WiFi: Dual Band,2.4G/5G; LAN:10/100M
  • Bluetooth: Version 4.0
  • USB Interface 3.0 High Speed
  • Additional Interfacing: Audio Port, Headphone/Mic, Ethernet
  • Power: Rechargeable LiPo - 8 Hour Life
  • Many Upgrades Available! Rear-view Cameras, Depth/IR, AI-GPU, and more - Contact Us!*
  • * Specifications Subject to Change

Simple Control and Peripheral Use

Use any of your favorite USB, Bluetooth, or HDMI devices just as you would with a regular computer. The Spartan HUD Helmet Compute Unit can easily interface with a USB keyboard and mouse, or be taken off and connected to an HDMI monitor for programming and development.

"A groundbreaking design that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations- even with the bar set high. A complete bargain for the initial developer kit, with plenty of room to grow through value-added software apps."
Marty Johnson
Technology Reviewer
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The Spartan HUD Team Combines Experience with Passion.

James Schuback, Founder and CEO

Spartan HUD was created by serial entrepreneur James Schuback. He has built and sold multiple technology startups and products across North America and Asia, working in fields as diverse as semiconductors, robotics, and wearable technology. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto's Engineering Science program.